Find new trusted partners in the logistics sector, easily.

You are a company that sends out goods everyday and knows how to do it. Why should you use a new platform to do the same thing then?

The answer is simple. Save money, time and stress!

Benefits of using CargUp

carriers only

We take the time to verify all the carriers singularly so to guarantee a secure environment. All the carriers at the time of the registration must provide all the docs needed to be accepted.


With only few clicks you will be able to submit a load request without having to pick up the phone and negotiate brutally. No more time wasted, we’ll do the dirty work for you.

and trace

Receive updates in real time on the status of the shipment and the location at the time. Communicate with the other parties through our integrated chat directly on the platform.

CargUp is the only platform for the logistic sector that instantly matches supply and demand. Everything is tracked and monitored so you won’t have to worry about your goods anymore. Also, the algorithm will only promote suitable partners that are tailored to satisfy your exact needs.

What does suitable partner mean?
It means you will only see offers from agencies (and/or drivers) that are equipped to move your goods based on their characteristics and have a rating that satisfies you.
All the partners are meticulously verified by us only after providing all the documentation required and all the necessary checks are made.

What about my existing partners?
Your existing partners are welcome to join you on the platform and we actually suggest they do so. That way you will be able to keep your existing workflow while making it digital and more efficient.

How does the platform work?
It’s all very simple. The platform it’s easy to use and has made digital a process that is already very familiar for you. After submitting few pieces of information about you and your partners you will be able to start working using CargUp in no time.

Smoother process, no time wasted, no lost information and efficient loading are just some of the benefits you’ll get when using CargUP.

You can bring your existing partners onboard with you or you can take advantage of the platform to find new trusted partners. All the activities are tracked and monitored so you know where things are at any time meaning you can work in a more secure and trusted environment. We also provide an Instant messaging section (chat) where you will be able to discuss any matter with regards to your shipment.

How does CargUp work?

piattaforma online della logistica per inserire un ordine di trasporto

1. Insert your shipment request
Define all the details of the shipment: packaging, type of goods (fragile, cold, construction material, etc.), weight, quantity and the terms and condition for the payment. You then insert locations and timings. It is also possible to add notes for specific needs or communications (i.e. closed after 3pm). Last but not least, choose the partners you want to work with or send the request.

piattaforma digitale per la logistica con i dettagli della merce da spedire

2. Wait for CargUp to do the rest
At this point you could focus on other, more important, things as CargUp will take care of finding you the right carrier for your shipment. Once you have set all the specifics, the platform will automatically send your request only to carriers that are set/up to accommodate your needs. The first one who accepts, will take the job.

monitoraggio delle merci in viaggio in tempo reale

3. Keep track of the shipment
Prepare the goods and agree the last details within the bult-in chat feature. It’s all tracked, from origin to destination,  so you can be always informed. Timing is key when we talk about “information flow” and thanks to CargUp you will now be always on the ball.

It’s all very easy to use. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us and request a demo!

As you will have understood, CargUp is not a DFE (Digital Freight Exchanger) given we are not a jobs board but an actual platform for the “Lean Logistic” that matches instantly supply and demand.

The mission of the platform is to make the logistic transport sector:

CargUp is an exclusive network for the transport logistic professionals.

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