The first instant matching platform in Europe

Fast and safe digital transport

Accelerate your business, reduce costs and increase your earnings.

Accelerate your business

Switch to digital transport management, automate and replace e-mails, phone calls and faxes.

Reduce management costs

Get the best margin and reduce costs up to 80%.

Increase your earnings

Expands the customer portfolio and increases the number of shipments with the web platform and the mobile app.

What is CargUp

CargUp is the first Instant Matching Platform in Europe that allows the meeting, in real time, between supply and demand in the medium and long-range transport world.The system provides both a cloud platform and a mobile App to support.CargUp will allow you to always get the best possible price with maximum security thanks to the exclusive owner ranking system.

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What is the Instant Matching Platform

It is the process of meeting, in real time, between demand and supply of transport, with considerable savings of time and money thanks to the automatic assignment of the goods to the right transporter and at the right price.Moreover, CargUp allows to streamline all processes, reducing the costs of the company and shortening the management time of the entire supply chain.

The right solution for your logistics

CargUp per Spedizioniere


Stand out from the competition, digitalize your agency, automate shipping processes and expand your customer portfolio!CargUp provides you with all the automation tools, from taking charge of shipments to assigning them to the transporter, always obtaining the greatest possible margin.

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Receive, every day, hundreds of transport work requests directly on your smartphone, 24 hours a day and increase your earnings immediately!It’s very simple! Download the App for smartphones available for both Android and iPhone.

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Send your goods in total safety, punctuality and speed, relying on verified partners.CargUp is synonymous with guarantee, because at the time of registration on the platform you enter your company data, those relating to the means of transport and, if our partner is a transporter, other useful information to let you sleep soundly.

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Are you an agency?

With CargUp you can get to know and meet the main players in the national and international transport sector.Acquire new customers and shipments easier.Your travel management will be enhanced by CargUp as you will gain efficiency, security and transparency.You will not be alone during optimization process, but you will be supported by a Business Coach, who will be a real consultant dedicated to you who will accompany you step by step in the optimization process.In essence, CargUp means more work and more opportunities.How does it work?Enter your price and then the system will do the rest.CargUp is not a freight exchange.

Are you a carrier?

We have designed an App that allows you to access all available transport requests already filtered based on your vehicle and the geographical area you cover.For example, if you have a truck to transport fragile goods, we will only inform you about this type of cargo.CargUp is not a freight exchange, as it automatically shows you load requests just for you, saving valuable time thanks to its exclusive automatic matching algorithm.What is automatic matching? CargUp puts you in touch with companies and shippers who are looking for you to transport their goods without you having to do anything!Through the application you can enter your fleet and your drivers.In addition, it sends and receives all important documents automatically guaranteeing maximum information and transparency.Download the App

Are you a sender?

Digitalize and streamline the work of your traffic office with CargUp!Don’t worry about having to find someone willing to take charge of your goods, only worry about entering all the data requested by the platform and CargUp will take care of everything else.Trustworthy, optimize the workflow of your traffic office and easily manage all the processes.Manage also the last second shipments through the automatic assignment in a few moments of the goods to be shipped.Enter the information, Set the price and Save time !

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