Manage more shipments thanks to digital

Can you imagine if you didn’t have to worry about phone calls and emails anymore? Good news is, you can forget about the hours spent on the phone, the worry of not finding a trusted partner in time or the extenuating negotiations on the price.

CargUp is a digital solution created to simplify the working life of the experts of the logistic sector. It’s the only logistic platform that instantly matches supply and demand and takes away all the hassles of this sector. The time and effort saved on dealing with phone calls etc, can now be invested in growing your business.

The platform’s algorithm will select only the loads that suit your fleet/vehicle so you won’t be wasting your time scrolling through dozens of posts that are not relevant for you.

Benefits of using CargUp

Reduce costs

By digitising the entire flow you’ll need less resources to manage your work flow. That means more opportunities for your existing team to increase the number of more valuable activities.

Find new clients

Look for new clients but also make yourself available for them when they need you. Stand out from the crowd and don’t miss the opportunity to increase your business.

Save time

Organising a shipment has never been so easy. With very few clicks you’ll be able to accept the request and transfer it to your carriers all in one place,  minimising the chances to make mistakes.

Can I use the platform also to optimise the management of my existing fleet?
Of course! You’ll be able to manage the entire process, end to end, in a digital and efficient way that will allow you to save money, time and stress.

How does the platform work?

It’s all very simple. The platform it’s easy to use and has made digital a process that is already very familiar for you. After submitting few pieces of information about you and your partners you will be able to start working using CargUp in no time.

Smoother process, no time wasted, no lost information and efficient loading are just some of the benefits you’ll get when using CargUP.

You can bring your existing partners onboard with you or you can take advantage of the platform to find new trusted partners. All the activities are tracked and monitored so you know where things are at any time meaning you and your client can work in a more secure and trusted environment. We also provide an Instant messaging section (chat) where you will be able to discuss any matter with regards to your shipment.

As you will have understood, CargUp is not a DFE (Digital Freight Exchanger) given we are not a jobs board but an actual platform for the “Lean Logistic” that matches instantly supply and demand.

The mission of the platform is to make the logistic transport sector:




CargUp is an exclusive network for the transport logistic professionals.

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CargUp is a digital platform created to make it easier to manage your job and it’s the first platform in Europe that brings together all the actors involved when it comes to transporting goods.

Thanks to our algorithm of instant matching, the platform will show only the offers that are suitable for your fleet/truck so you want waste time looking through hundreds of requests you can’t technically satisfy.

All the partners are singularly verified by our team. If on one side you receive new tailored offers, on the other side your company will appear in the suggested partners for those in need of a shipment.

Forget about all the time spent on the phone to organise a single shipment. CargUp allows you to manage and monitor all the shipments from the platform in a very easy and fast way.

We are not talking about just less time on the phone but also less time in the actual negotiation. The instant matching system makes all the negotiation process a lot smoother and, again, instant.

How to use CargUp

1. Receive offers
On the platform, you’ll receive the transport requests coming from the shippers. Make sure all the requirements are suitable for you and accept! The job is yours.

2. Submit the request to the driver
Instantly you’ll be able to forward the request to the driver with a separate offer visible to you and the driver only.

3. Stay informed on the status
With CargUp you’ll be able to monitor the shipment through the geo-localised map, chat with the other parties involved in the integrated chat feature.

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